Oumi, an Arabic word, means “My Mother”. This program is dedicated to two very special women who are no longer with us. Mrs Frances Siddique, and Mrs Hussin Elrafie

The program aims to help those facing medical adversaries, ongoing disabilities, and anyone who is less fortunate. We run local fundraisers for shelters, or those in need overseas, we build “chemo care packs” for individuals going through there cancer battle, and much much more!

Since the programs inception, we have had nothing but success in Calgary and Vancouver. 2022 marked our very first Motorcycle Rally, partnered with the Muslim Riders Club, where we raised enough money to feed an orphanage for 6 months!


June 2023 marked a historical day for Calgary – OUMI hosted the first ever Special Needs Eid Party – and it was a huge success. This event was tailored to children that have any sort of special needs. Entrance was limited and controlled to be aware of sensory issues, and activities were modified to accommodate all types of disabilities.

Stemming from its success – we have incorporated it as a permanent event that will be hosted by OUMI every Eid ul Adha.
We are looking forward to the many years to come!

Ongoing Programs

OUMI Runs programs through out the year to continue the giving spirt. In the past 12 months we have successfully run silent auctions for charities, iftar services for those in need, and much more.

We strive to do good in our name of our mothers in order to continue the traditions they instilled in us. Please reach out to us to partner, or volunteer.


This event is only open for families of or with individuals with special needs!

We are so excited to be hosting our 2nd Annual Eid Party for Special Needs individuals. Inclusivity and accessibility is our priority.

Our event is a great place for families and individuals of any age with special needs to connect! We will have food, snacks, drinks and coffee. A ton of fun activities such as face painting, balloon twisting, henna ,bouncy castles, mascots , photobooth, DJ, Crafts and more! We will have many volunteers on site to assist parents and alleviate them as well.


Event is FREE but please register.

We are looking for sponsors and donors to help us inshallah! Please contact us via DM or [email protected]
May Allah reward you all ❤️

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MORE INFO: [email protected]