Who Are We?

In 2015, the world was giving a narrative to Calgary Alberta as the “New Terrorist Breeding Ground”. Local Muslim Community Members, including our current president Rahamatullah Siddique, decided to take back the narrative. Born and raised in Calgary, he could not stand the new norm of what people assumed the city to be.

Rahamatullah, and a team of individuals launched the Own It Conference that year. This was the North America’s first conference combating criminal radicalization through the building of communication between different organizations, communities, and individuals in Canada. The relationships set into motion that year, still have a growing impact on the Canadian society to this very day.

Stemming from this, the board decided that they wanted to do something much more, establish an official organizations that can promote unity, build relationships, and help those who are in need. The Own It Institute of Canada was born.

Own It became a common name, hosting events for all ages, mentoring youth and adults, and providing help to the less fortunate.

Along the way, we were also hit with tragedy. two of our founding members died in a tragic accident overseas. Our thoughts and prayers always go out to Ms Dina Said, and Ms Maha El Meseery.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that ultimately do.”

Can we count on you?